Digital is too important for that. Online should resonate into every aspect of your business and your communication. What you need is an organizational strategy universally influenced by the web. Whether you’re working on recruitment, branding, production, distribution, marketing or customer service, think digital. If your company is providing something that ships in a cardboard box, this may actually apply to you the most if you plan to stick around.

More and more commodities that used to be delivered in boxes are becoming services. We’ve seen the transformation in games, music, movies, data storage and software. Thanks to 3D-printers and cloud-services, household products, jewelry, furniture, performance computers and gaming consoles soon won’t have to be carried to your door anymore.

The distinction between digital and non-digital is no longer relevant. That’s why I don’t put the word “digital” in front of my title, it would be misleading. It would be like saying I’m not thinking big picture when really; that’s exactly what I’m doing. So break up the digital strategy meetings and invite everyone to influence your companywide strategies instead.

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”
Eric Schmidt

Eric Langenskiöld

Author Eric Langenskiöld

Eric is the entrepreneur who’s never been employed. During the last 12 years, Eric has started companies in the fields of online gaming, venture capital, e-commerce and strategic digital services. Today he is the founder and Managing Partner at Stormfors Digital Agency.

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